Colour White - Tent Canopy 10’ x 20’ Aircraft grade anodized aluminum brush finish canopy frame. Canopy frame leg diameter : 2.125”. 500 denier ...
SKU: Rtn 706
$125.00 Daily Rental
Display & Keep all your beverages cold Dimension; 4 Ft. x 2 Ft.
SKU: RN697
$19.95 Daily Rental
Coffee Percolator / Water (42 Cup Capacity)
SKU: Rtn629
$14.95 Daily Rental
Per; Stainless Ice Bucket
SKU: Rtl018
$2.95 Daily Rental
SKU: Rtl019
$4.95 Daily Rental
SKU: Rtl
$12.95 Daily Rental
(For the smokers in the crowd, hide unsightly signs of butts)
SKU: Rtl
$6.00 Daily Rental
Per Dozen; Clear Small Bowl, Beautiful
SKU: Rtl211
$3.95 Daily Rental
Per; Water, Juices, etc, etc
SKU: Rtl212
$1.25 Daily Rental
Per; Great for Condiments, Confectionery, Dressings, etc, etc.
SKU: Rtl213
$1.00 Daily Rental